SIFIRALTI GROUP has been engaged in the construction activities, it provides contracting works for infrastructure, superstructure, roads, ponds and dams, piers and ports, industrial facilities and other modern buildings. SIFIRALTI GROUP is committed to its principles, without compromise in the quality of its services.

Objective and vision of SIFIRALTI CONSTRUCTION is to engage in project design, construction and assembly, repairing of infrastructure projects operating in land, air and sea transport, energy, irrigation, drying works, diversion canals, groundwater, drinking water, tap water, sewage pipelines, water-treatment facilities; building projects as mass housing, prefabricated structures, hospitals, schools, offices, recreational facilities and public housing, industrial facility projects as factories, small and large industrial parks, agriculture, tourism, construction and mining related production facilities, and other various projects as drilling, pickling, natural gas plants, pipeline assemblies, sandblasting and painting, epoxy floor application, outdoor cooling system, landscaping systems, awning system, stretch ceiling and wall telecommunication infrastructure and transmission lines, briefly the whole of construction and decoration belonging to public or private sector.

All completed works are performed carefully in minute details of engineering, being checked in all stages. SIFIRALTI CONSTRUCTION combines the theory and practice and reflects the excellent integration of engineering and human resources. It deploys itself within the sector with a wide range of works. All of these above mentioned structures were created within its unprecedented engineering details and more of them will be performed.

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